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First Week on Medi-Weight Loss Program

August 6, 2009
I lost eight pounds the first week on the Medi-weightloss program

I lost eight pounds the first week on the Medi-weightloss program

Before beginning the Medi-Weightloss Program, you will be required to set up an initial consultation to evalualte your current health status. 

Initial Medi-Weightloss Consultation

At the initial consultation, health is evaluated by taking blood pressure, a comprehensive blood panel, EKG, weight and body fat index.   My measurement was taken around my waist and I established a weight goal.  We set my goal weight a little higher than what would be my ideal weight, but one that seemed realistic.  My Medi-weightloss consultant asked for twelve weeks to get there and I agreed.

Following the physical assessmnt, the consultant explained the acute phase of the program, which is a restricted diet intended to rev up my fat burning engine.  I was given nutritional supplements (which were included in the initial cost), a container of Ketone Urine strips, and a diet suppressant with a week’s supply for 3 per day. 

What Does Medi-Weightloss cost?

That initial consultation cost me $267.00, but I liked the idea that my health was a concern for them, not just putting me on a diet.  it was explained to me that each weekly visit would be another $70.00.  So, for me, if I could get to my goal weight in the twelve weeks, my cost to be in the program was a total of  $1,107.  To me, this seemed like a small price to pay, if I could lose the weight and get back to being the me I used to be.

What Medi-Weightloss Supplies

The supplements that were included in the initial cost were: Medi Vita Super (a multivitamin,  Fat Burner, and  Calcium 4 Blend.  For an additional cost, they recommended their Colon Cleanser and Omega Three, which I added to the stack.  

Medi-Weightloss gave me a diary to track the food I ate, when I took my supplements and appetite suppressant, and what the reading on the ketone strip registers.  The diary even asked for my mood.

Each week Vitamin B12 shots are included in the cost.  A shot is given at the end of each weekly follow-up appointment and an additional shot is available in-between appointments at no additional cost.  These shots help with energy and mood primarily, and I know they have made a big difference during the process, so I got both each week.

First Week Eating on the Medi-Weightloss Program

The first week is the most restrictive and boring.  I was given their “Week 1 Survival Guide”, instructions to eat 500 calories of protein and drink 8 glasses of water daily, and exercise 30 minutes 3 times a week.

While that may sound impossible, it wasn’t.  I found that the appetite suppressant curbed my appetite enough that the 500 calories were enough.  I have to admit that I got tired of just eating protein, but they had explained that once I completed this first week successfully, I would be able to add vegetables the next week, so I held onto that knowledge and did what I was told.  I was also given the okay to have one diet coke and a cup of coffee, so that satisfied part of my other addictive needs!

Understand the Principles of Ketosis while on the Medi Plan

Having followed the Aktins diet previously, I understood the principle of the restrictive diet during the first week.  During this week I was clearing out my carbohydrate reserves in my body by eating just protein, and after that resevere was depleted, my body would convert from burning carbs to burning my own fat.  That is called being in Ketosis, and usually happens around the third day. You’ll know if you are in ketosis by running a Ketone strip through your urine. If the tip of the strip turns pink or purple, you made it!  At that point, I started picturing a furnace inside my body and a little man tossing chunks of my fat into it whenever I needed energy. 

The important thing to understand is that once you get into ketosis, you want to stay in ketosis, because cheating and eating the wrong food will turn it around.  Another advantage of being in ketosis is that your hunger dissipates.  Between that and the appetite suppressants, you will have so much will power that you’ll feel on top of your game!

First Week Results on Medi-Weightloss

At my weigh-in the following week, I had lost eight pounds!  I was thrilled and even more determined to stick with the program and lose my extra weight.

During the first week, I found it easier to stick with the restrictive diet than I thought, I found the appetite suppressants helpful without turning me into an energizer bunny.  I tried out some new seasonings and marinades for the protein I ate,  I had a glass of fluid by my side most of the day to meet my fluid intake goals, and I journaled everything I did. 

It was a great first week!

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  1. Karla permalink
    January 16, 2012 5:55 pm

    I am going in on Wednesday for a consultation! I am just ready to learn and loose!! 40-50lbs!!

  2. Judy permalink
    July 26, 2010 11:12 am

    I just signed up on Saturday, 7/24/2010 doing great, not really hungry, full of water. My excuse was this belly fat is from my last baby – She is now 40! So glad I found your Blog. I haven’t read all but when I saw you went week by week I scrolled down to your first week to see how you felt. The biggest hurdle is cooking for my husband and not taking tastes. I will keep in touch! Judy

  3. kathy permalink
    August 28, 2009 2:09 pm

    i considering signing up for this program……………….should i?

    • August 28, 2009 3:26 pm

      My experience with Medi has been wonderful and in 12 weeks I have lost almost forty pounds. You really have to decide for yourself, but for me it has been the first diet program in eight years I have seen success with. Good luck!

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